BEAST IN BLACK: ‘From Hell with Love’ (2019)

After a series of successes that the band Beast in Black reaped with the release of their debut Berserker (2017), this year the time has come to continue. For the second chapter of the saga of the black beast from the north, which will officially begin on February 8th, when the upcoming album reaches the shelves.

Despite the overloaded schedule, let’s remember, the band also worked with Nightwish, with whom they shared the stage as part of the recent Decades world tour (HERE you can read our interview with Nightwish’s Marco Hietala), the band was able to record eleven new songs.

The song ‘Cry out for a Hero’ opens the band’s second studio album and hits us directly in the face. A school class example of a song that proves the young guard is able to create impressive creations. The same thing can be also said for the next song. The album’s title track ‘From Hell with Love’ is an excellent cross between popular music from the 80’s and modern metal.

Our musical journey continues with the album’s first single ‘Sweet True Lies’, which does not deviate from the initial standards. The legacy of the 80’s, backed up by excellent metal.

The album continues ‘Repentless’, with which the band returns to harder waters. The guys are really hungry for success. The same goes for the album’s second single, ‘Die by the Blade’, which is again somewhat more focused on the 80’s popular music.

With ‘Oceandeep’ album stops for a moment. An excellent ballad, with which the band shows us its gentle side. And yes, although it’s a typical ballad from the period from which the band draws its ideas, the song does not follow the marketing formulas of that time. The ballad is genuine and it was not created solely because of the fact that the band on the disc simply had to have it. The standard of our journey remains unchanged with the ‘Unlimited Sin’.

‘True Believer’ is undoubtedly the weakest track on the album, since the latter, despite its accompanying melody, cannot follow its predecessors.

With ‘This Is War’, the album starts to get stronger again, which lasts until the song ‘Heart of Steel’.

The album concludes ‘No Surrender’, which ensures a decent end to the album.

With its new studio album, Beast in Black undoubtedly made a step in the right direction, thus shaking off the curse of a band that is able to create only one decent album, and then drown in the waves of history.

Excellent production, with even better arrangements that prove that fears related to the survival of the genre are superfluous.

You can order the product HERE.

Our score: 4,5/5