Tobacco Road Blues Band

3. februar, 2023, 20:00 @ 20:00 – 23:45 Europe/Ljubljana Časovni pas
Nostalgija vintage cafe
Krakovski nasip 4
1000 Ljubljana
Tobacco Road Blues Band @ Nostalgija vintage cafe | Ljubljana | Slovenija

TobaccoRoadBluesBand iz Celovca
Peter Prammerdorfer and Mike Diwald are the front men and masterminds of Austrian-based Tobacco Road Blues Band. And normally the guys can be seen backed up by drums and bass. But when more and more often requests for gigs at smaller venues turned up, Peter and Mike picked up their acoustic guitars to figure out, if their songs would also work in this unplugged setting. Well they did and so Peter and Mike find themselves „unplugged&seated“ performing their songs in a most intimate atmosphere.
Starting as a Cover band and playing the Songs of Hendrix, Moore, Clapton & Co., the Tobacco Road Blues Band began writing their own material after being asked to perform on a Television Show. The audiences liked the song and the band started to write more and more material. After one year their shows consisted mainly of their own titles. As a next step they recorded their first CD, which was released in March 2017. Only one and a have years later their second CD „Don’t Tread On Me“ hit the markets. Currently the are working on their first DVD „Live At The Museum“ which will be released later that year.