Faceless Burial (AUS), Innumerable Forms (US) + special guests

12. september, 2022, 20:00 @ 20:00 – 23:45 Europe/Ljubljana Časovni pas
KUD Channel Zero
Metelkova ulica 4
1000 Ljubljana
Faceless Burial (AUS), Innumerable Forms (US) + special guests @ KUD Channel Zero | Ljubljana | Slovenija
Earsplitter presents: Faceless Burial, Innumerable Forms + special guests v Channel Zero!
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Faceless Burial (AUS)
Formed in Melbourne, Australia in 2014 – Faceless Burial’s blueprint is to execute ripping, powerful and dynamic death metal.
Sonically, traces of Faceless Burial’s influence can be heard in the long heralded classics from Americas East Coast, Canada and Finland. However, it would be remiss to ignore the bands connection to Melbourne’s current crop of brutal acts (Contaminated, Vile Apparition, Gutless, Incinerated, Ignivomous, Headless Death, Cemetery Urn, Sewercide etc) and Australia’s long running landscape of extreme music (Disenbowlment, Crypt, Star Gazer, Necrotomy, Corpse Molestation, Misery etc).
Innumerable Forms (US)
Boston’s Innumerable Forms were formed in 2007 as a one man project to bring forth a vision of doom-ridden, dark brutal death metal with the spirit of the early ‘90s. Soon after forming, a full band line up was assembled featuring current and ex members of Iron Lung, Mammoth Grinder, Mind Eraser, Sumerlands, Magic Circle, Power Trip, Genocide Pact, and many more. Since inception Innumerable Forms have already generated quite the cult following over the years with their live shows supporting a repertoire only consisting of the “Dark Worship” 7”EP, a split with Blessed Offal, and the “Frozen To Death” comp cassette. In 2018, they released their first full length, entitled “Punishment In Flesh” on Profound Lore Records. With influences ranging from primitive early 90’s Finnish death metal to British and American doom, Innumerable Forms harness the authentic feeling of misery, darkness, and fury with total disregard for the scene today